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Is Sterling Real Silver?

QUESTION: Is sterling real silver?

MY ANSWER: Sterling silver, also known as .925 Silver, .925 Sterling, or 92.5 Silver, is an alloy, a mixture. Sterling silver is 925 parts out of 1000 real silver. The other 75 parts can be virtually any metal, but is usually copper. That being the case, sterling is real silver with a little bit of another metal mixed in.

One particular alloy of silver that is different is Argentium Silver, sometimes called Argentium sterling silver. It is a proprietary combination of 925 parts silver with much of the usual 75 parts copper replaced with germanium. This makes it super tarnish-resistant, but it's still real sterling, and made with real silver.

In metaphysical terms, sterling silver of any variety has primarily silver energy. It's almost all silver, so that is its primary vibration. Copper may add its energy, or germanium, but mostly it's the energy of silver.

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Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver

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