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How Do You Smudge A Crystal?

QUESTION: "A friend told me I should smudge my new crystals to clean them. It sounds dirty, not cleaning. How do you do it?"

MY ANSWER:  Smudging is the term for brushing or smudging away unwanted, negative energy using sacred or scented smoke.  Crystal and gem stone jewelry can be smudged in the same way to clear their energies, also.

To smudge a crystal, prepare by bringing choosing your sacred smudging materials and bringing them to a safe place to use flame.

Smudging materials can be many things. Usually herbs, precious woods, or resins. White sage in wands or loose leaves in an abalone shell or a pot are very popular and have wonderful energy.  Sweetgrass, cedar, sandalwood, frankincense, and  juniper are excellent accompaniments or can be used alone. Some people prefer to use incense. I've found Nag Champa to do well though the more perfumy incsense types do not seem to clear energy much at all.

Carefully light your smudging materials and fan them gently with your hand or a feather to smolder and give off smoke. Say a small prayer or ask the Divine to help clear the energy of the crystals to be smudged for the highest good of all concerned. Then slowly pass the crystal through the smoke three or seven times, or brush the smoke over the crystal the same number of times. Do this for each crystal you wish to smudge clear of unwanted energies.

An alternative smudging method which is especially useful for people who are sensitive to smokes, is to use a hydrosol spray, rather than smoke. This brings the sacred vibration of the smudging materials to the ritual without smoke. Sage, Juniper and Tulsi (Holy Basil) hydrosols are particularly good for this.


When you are finished, take a moment to thank the crystals and the Divine. Clean up your area to be ready for your next sacred ritual.

If you are interested in more ways to clear the energy of your crystals, see my article on the subject. And please share any methods you use so I can learn more, too!



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From Flickr CC by 2.0  Some rights reserved by jchristin

From Flickr CC by 2.0  Some rights reserved by jchristin


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