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Does Crystal Size Matter For Healing?

QUESTION: "Does the size of a crystal or stone determine its healing strength? If it does, would using multiple smaller crystals be equal to using a larger one?"

MY ANSWER: Size can determine the healing energy strength of a crystal or stone, but it does not necessarily. Rhodizite, for instance, is a very small crystal, but it packs a lot of healing energy. It's also possible for two crystals of the same type and size to innately have very different levels of healing energy.

Many times, the difference between strength of healing energy is things such as whether the crystal has had its energy cleared, been charged, and whether it has been programmed to do a particular work. 

Though it varies by person,  I believe that most of the time people feel that larger stones -- or a group of smaller stones -- carry more healing energy. It's best to experience the crystal's energy, clear it, charge it, and program it before you can know for sure. When that's not possible up front, you might want to go with the premise that larger stones or groups of smaller stones are more effective for healing.

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