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Can I Make My Boyfriend Stop Drinking With Amethyst?


QUESTION: My boyfriend drinks too much and it makes him mean. Can I fix it with amethyst since it's a sobriety stone? I thought I could put it in his wallet and his car and maybe even under the bed.

MY ANSWER:  It is true that Amethyst is known as the sobriety stone. I do not, however, believe placing amethyst near him will cause him to stop drinking against his will. As I said in my article on fixing a co-worker's behavior with rose quartz, people tend to hold on to behaviors that relate to internal issues, and drinking excessively is likely to be just that. I think the best you can hope for by placing amethyst near him in several locations without his cooperation is to plant the idea that drinking less might be a good idea.  Once, for whatever reason, he decides that he would be better off drinking less, amethyst would be a great choice for helping with sobriety.

Whatever you do with amethyst, if he or anyone else tries to harm you, leave the situation immediately and call for help.

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