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QUESTION: "Have you hear of a gemstone called Blackstone? I've been looking thru Melody and other sources, but I'm not finding the name. I think it is either an agate or possibly an onyx."

MY ANSWER: Though I had ronly read of blackstone, when I first posted this in 2004 I knew little about it. After research and procuring several blackstone items, I got a clearer picture of the stone. While some resources have said that it's black agate orriver rock or reconstituted obsidian, all of the pieces I received were a black jasper. In 2004 when this question was originally asked, there was a relatively new and extensive exporting of black jasper from India. I believe that the trade gave it the name blackstone as an interesting trade name and ran with it. In my experience it has the metaphysical properties of jasper with the color black, and related to the root chakra for survival issues, stability and grounding among other energies.

Originally posted at September 2004, Updated January 2013.

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