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Stones for Bipolar Disorder

QUESTION: "What stones are mystically condisdered good for a Bi-polar person?

MY ANSWER: Lepidolite is the gold standard of crystals for bipolar disorder (manic-dpression), as it balances the mind and emotions. It is a lithium stone. Other lithium stones such as kunzite and lithium quartz are also top choices. A couple of non-lithium stones that are most often used in crystal healing and metaphysics for bipolar disorder are hematite and ametrine.

Other stones traditionally used in crystal healing for mental / emotional balance--which is a primary aim when working with bipolar--are bloodstone, blue topaz, carnelian, celestite, chiastolite, chrysoprase, fluorite,  lodestone, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, sodalite, tektite, tigers eye, tourmaline, tree agate, unakite.

Lepidolite Example

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