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Q&A: Potentially Harmful Stones

I've received many emails from people who are distressed by my article on Potentially Harmful or Toxic Stones. They wish to know what stones are never harmful or toxic to use internally, or feel that a stone is unjustly put on the list. Here are some things I have shared with them.

  • Many stones are not particularly toxic except in certain circumstances. For instance, clear quartz is harmful in terms of inhaling the dust, but is generally recognized as safe in most other situations.
  • Stones that are potentially harmful or toxic are likely at their most potentially dangerous in the rough. The same stones might not be especially harmful to handle in their polished form such as polished tumbles, beads, or cabochons.
  • Notable stones that are considered so toxic that you should never handle them without gloves and never use internally are natural cinnabar and realgar. 
  • I do not know what stones in what circumstances would definitely be non-toxic to use internally.
  • I cannot personally recommend direct crystal elixirs, massage oils, etc. It is a method I do not feel is worth potential risks when there is a safe, easy alternative. The indirect method of making elixirs takes longer to prepare but does work as well once prepared.
  • Don't eat rocks. As common sense as this seems, I've been asked about it. Just don't. Aside from potential toxins, eating rocks is very likely to be hard on the digestive system. And be sure children can't eat your rocks too, as small children may be wont to do.

There's no need to panic about potentially toxic or harmful stones. Be careful, use common sense, and if ever in doubt consult a gemologist.

Fully polished malachite is less potentially harmful than malachite rough.

Fully polished malachite is less potentially harmful than malachite rough.

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Rhodochrosite contains lead.

Rhodochrosite contains lead.