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Can You Get Sick From Handling A Stone?

QUESTION: "I was wondering if you've ever heard of a person getting physically sick from handling a stone. My friend said the energy was really strong when she picked it up. It made her immediately lightheaded, dizzy and nauseous to the point she had to leave work. When she got home, she picked the stone up again and fell asleep for an hour and a half."

MY ANSWER: On a purely physical level, people can certainly get ill from handling toxic stones. Realgar and cinnabar are two types, but there are others which are potentially harmful.

Being lightheaded, dizzy, or nauseous can be reactions to strong energetic vibrations from a stone. The easiest fix for that is to put it down away from you, and do a grounding exercise like a slow walk paying close attention to your feet or slowly eat a salty or protein-rich snack. Sleeping off the energy could do it as well.

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