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Q&A: Cape Amethyst

QUESTION: "I have a stash of cape amethyst here, and I am suddenly wanting to  know what it does, and you are my go-to girl on those facts (after I look in Love is in the Earth, of course)  So LIITE doesn't mention cape amethyst.  What is your take? Is it a kind of amethyst, or is it something else?"

MY ANSWER:  Cape amethyst... what a name. I've no idea how anyone picked that name, but it's a trade name. There at least two stones that are called cape amethyst. One, the one I originally knew, is a light amethyst. It has the same crystal meanings as plain old amethyst. (If one can say that about amethyst!) The other is a banded amethyst or chevron amethyst. This is dark puple with white bands or chevrons. This one has the crystal meanings of banded (chevron) amethyst. By the way, chevron is the old trade name for banded amethyst. The stone industry likes to make up and use trade names!

One thing I didn't say at the time was that it's really an honor to be the go to for someone when LIITE doesn't have some information. Ego would love to tell you it's because I'm so seriously awesome. I might be, but it has nothing to do with this. Books are not published nearly as often trade names are made up or as fast articles on the web. LIITE is my favorite go to book, too. 

Cape Amethyst is a trade name for both light amethyst and chevron amethyst or banded amethyst.
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