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Other Uses for Selenite

While this is not strictly a Q&A it is additional information on uses for Selenite emailed to me by a kind lady who gave permission to use it but preferred not to be named.

Message: "Reading your info on Selenite, i thought I'd let you know two of my uses for it (can't have too much selenite!). born psychically aware, I've been a healer/psychic reader/spiritual counselor for over 30 years now. I've given selenite to well over 100 clients to assist with sleep. All feedback has been positive. The only caution i offer is that as the stone pulls out suppressed emotions/thoughts, "night terrors" can arise the first few days (the first 2 weeks for me). The other wonderful gift is as an analgesic. pain can be brushed or pulled out. My medicine cabinet/first aide kit consists of lavender oil, selenite and olive oil. i can deal with pretty much anything with those three (castor oil is a good fourth). thanks for the wonderful website. organized, maneuverable, comprehensive ... perfect!"

Selenite Example

Selenite Example

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Do you have other uses you've tried for Selenite that you would like to share?

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