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Can You Fix Grumpy Co-worker's Behavior with Rose Quartz?

QUESTION: I have a co-worker who is so grumpy, mean, angry, and arrogant. She only concentrates on seeing peoples defects, so I thought of giving her a Rose Quartz, would that work or is there another stone that might be better for her?

Rose quartz is a stone of love, peace, and self-confidence.

Rose quartz is a stone of love, peace, and self-confidence.

MY ANSWER: Without knowing the cause of the difficulty that case your co-worker's behavior, Rose quartz sounds like a good choice. It certainly brings love, peace, and self-confidence energies which would tend to lessen angry behavior.

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I have to say, though, that without her cooperation, it is not as likely to have as great an effect on her behavior. People tend to hold their behavior close when it is related to an internal--energetic and/or psychological--issue, which is likely to be the case. People don't do things for no reason, after all. For the most part, the best thing to do is to take care of your own issues, rather than try to solve someone else's issues or behavior, so that their problems no longer affect you.

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