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Questions on Working with Amethyst, Milky-way Lapis and other stones

Amethyst Cluster

Amethyst Cluster

QUESTION: A few pieces of amethyst clusters came into my life and I ordered a big amethyst necklace. This may sound strange, but whenever I wear this particular piece I feel as if I am walking around in a fog and even get a headache. When I take it off the headache subsides and when I am wearing the other smaller amethyst necklace I don't get a headache at all. Are the headaches because I did not clear this particular piece of jewelry or is there something else I am missing? I am a newbie to the energies of crystals and love their vibes but certainly don't want to be walking around not feeling well. 

I have been drawn to a few other pieces, and recently ordered (but have not yet received) Milky-way Lapis, Blue Rainbow Quartz, and some gorgeous Rose Quartz :) Any tips you could give me regarding these gems would be so greatly appreciated (uses, cautions, etc.). And any insight as to why may have the headaches from that particular piece of amethyst.

Titanium Aura is sometimes called Blue Rainbow Quartz

Titanium Aura is sometimes called Blue Rainbow Quartz

MY ANSWER: I would definitely clear any stones or jewelry that make you feel bad in any way. If something is giving you a particularly hard time, it may be that it needs extensive clearing, ie, longer than usual. Several methods are in my article here by clicking here

I've never heard of Milky Way Lapis and can't find anything on it except one page where it looks like dyed denim lapis. Denim lapis is lapis with more calcite in it, which is a normal component of lapis in varying amounts. Reading on lapis lazuli would probably be the best way to learn about it other than asking the vendor.  Click here for Lapis Lazuli article. Blue Rainbow Quartz is a new name for Titanium Aura or Titanium Flame Aura from what I've read. You can read about the stone by clicking here.  I have an article on Rose Quartz as well that might give you some ideas.  As for uses, the articles themselves talk about that. 

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For cautions, the ones I see around mostly look rather weird to me, as there is no one hard fast rule for any stone.  I have seen people say never use one stone for something where another person uses for that same thing with great results. For example, many caution not to ever use green stones for cancer of any kind as it can promote growth, while others find it the best stone for heart chakra related cancers such as lung cancer. The only cautions I find useful any time are to have a care when working with stones that are potentially toxic or harmful stones here especially in elixirs or in their rough form; to clear stones regularly; and always state (in prayer, meditation, or out loud) that you are working for the highest good of all concerned. 

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