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Crystals for Changing Jobs or Careers

Citrine is a career stone and a success stone.

Citrine is a career stone and a success stone.

QUESTION: I'm going to through a pretty major job change.  The company that I work in is closing the office that I am in.  I will now have to interview and be assigned to a new, unknown job in the company.  It's been a while (10 years) since I've been through the interview process and needless to say - it's a bit stressful. I've started researching crystals to see if this may help.  I'm curious to see what you would recommend.

MY ANSWER: My favorite stone for handling big or small changes well and more comfortably is Botswana agate. Other crystals are also used such as bloodstone, chiastolite, honey calcite, opal, and yellow "turquoise" for coping with change. For career success, some stones are aventurine, bloodstone, brecciated jasper, citrine, chrysoprase, fuchsite, garnet, lepidolite, leopard skin jasper, malachite, petrified wood, tanzanite. Specifically for finding work here are some stones used: green aventurine, citrine, green garnet, jade, malachite, mookaite, moonstone, ocho geodes, peridot, black sapphire, ruby, siderite,  and yellow tourmaline. Citrine is also a success stone, which might be helpful in finding just the right position. A combination of these stones in a pocket, pouch, or jewelry is probably the best way to go. You could then take the energy of the stones to any interviews inconspicuously.

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