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Crystals for Being Affected By Full Moon?

QUESTION: "I am seriously affected by the full moon, perhaps similarly to what you may experience. I have a very difficult time during the few days before, especially the day of, and a few days after. Very emotional, feelings of instability and emotional overload, including anxiety and feeling just out of sorts, in a not-so-good way. Robyn, what are some suggestions to help alleviate these symptoms when I know they are going to occur? They've really affected me in my home and work life and I would like to keep them in check as best as possible (I'm sure i don't need to explain why!) Thank you so much for sharing, and I'm glad I'm not the only one!" from comment on Citrine Crystal Meanings by Dark Heart

MY ANSWER: The key to getting your feet on the ground and back in balance is similar with full moon energies as with anything else. Stability stones and/or chakra balancing stones can be a big help with that. 

Stability, or grounding, stones help you stay rooted in the present Earth plane. This can alleviate feelings of instability and anxiety by energetcally showing your system that you are not alone, the Earth and hence the Universe, is there to hold you up in all your endeavors, giving no reason to worry. Root or base chakra stones are excellent stability stones including most red and black stones, garnet, hematite. By using these crystals to stay rooted it can keep full moon energies from having as much emotional effect.

Balancing stones can also help. Often feeling out of sorts or overly emotional is due to losing our emotional perspective and energetic balance. Some stones I've found good for balancing the chakras and emotions are kyanite, lepidolite, fluorite, and kunzite. Repairing that balance can go a long way to ameliorating these symptoms. 

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