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How To Use A Crystal Pyramid To Attract?

QUESTION:  "Do you know how can we use the energy for pyramids for attraction? For example, if I'd like to attract love into my life? I would be very grateful Please advise as where to place it and what to do in order to attract Love (Soul mate & true friends)."

MY ANSWER:  Crystal and other types of pyramids are excellent tools for focusing energy, so they can be used to attract and manifest qualities or situations you want to have. 

To draw love or something else, gather a few simple materials. 


Gathered your materials in your sacred space and light your candle, sage or incense in the fireproof holder. Sit or stand comfortably facing the light/sacred smoke. 

Take three deep breaths, exhaling slowly, and state your initial intention to the Divine by whatever name you use, that you wish to perform this ritual so that the energy of the pyramid can help you attain your goal for the highest good of all concerned.

Take the pyramid in your receptive hand (usually left, if you're right handed, and vice versa)  and focus on your intention. Prevent "scatter" by choosing one goal at a time to attract. Trying to work with many at once diffuses the focus and can make the ritual and pyramid not work well for you.

Spend a few minutes contemplating your exact goal. For instance, if the goal is love, what kind do you wish to attract? A loving soulmate spouse you can have children and a long life together, would be one.  Loving friends, would be another. Be as specific as possible. If you feel akin confusion about it, ask the Divine and the soul of the pyramid to assist you in this.

Once you feel that you are very clear on your intention and goal, set the pyramid in your lap or nearby. Write down your intention as specifically as possible and fold the paper into quarters. Pass the paper through the sacred smoke, or very carefully and quickly through the candle flame as you ask the Divine and the soul of the pyramid to attract this to you for the highest good of all concerned.

Place the folded paper  under or inside the pyramid for it to continue to focus these energies toward your goal. Sit with the pyramid as long as you feel comfortable, then thank the pyramid and the Divine for their assistance. Extinguish  any burning materials and leave the paper in or under the pyramid. 

You may leave the pyramid and paper in your sacred space, or move them together after this to a convenient location where you spend time, such as your bedroom where you sleep.

Continue to work with the pyramid on a daily basis by reviewing by our intention as written on the paper and affirming to the spirit of the pyramid and Divine that this is your intention. Afterward, put them back. This is best done first thing in the morning or just before going to sleep. Repeat this daily until the pyramid has helped you attract your goal.

Pyramid for Attraction Energy

Pyramid for Attraction Energy

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