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What does it take?

What does it take to make my deceptively simple chakra and related glass dome jewelry? More than I even realized! I got to thinking about it and made a (partial!) list you see there.

Many of the components and tools are relatively common. Adhesive, scissors, and the like. For every one of the things listed, common or otherwise, there's a step to making a piece of handmade jewelry like the necklace below. I see 16 steps, and that's if you leave some things like "drawing / painting / collage" as one step, when just that part can involve many hours of work and many steps.

I had a laugh at myself when I added Reiki Master to the list of "supplies" needed. Fortunately I do have a Reiki master at hand, me, since all my chakra and other jewelry is Reiki / Seichim charged. That's part of what makes my jewelry unique.

What makes your work unique? What does it take?


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