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On Change

Change is a normal part of life. For me, I'm back to work after a great winter break. This is a good change, and thank you for waiting for me to return! 

I've seen so much lately about making changes and resolutions in the new year it's made my head spin. Your head may be spinning from it, too.

My advice about New Year's resolutions? Don't. Huh? Yeah. Don't.

I suggest you don't make New Year's resolutions and plans to change unless you're just really good at it and ready for that particular change. Most of us aren't good at it or ready to make a bunch of changes just as we're settling into our regular days after the holidays. I'm certainly not. It works better for most of us to make changes when we feel ready for them and/or feel they are very important to us.

An example in my life is the new style of jewelry I've added that focuses on color, Reiki, and chakra energies. I needed to make that change in order to protect my right hand from potentially needing the surgeries my left hand has had. I don't know why my left hand had trouble when my right hand did all the same things at work, and it may not have been related to work at all. But it was important to me to make sure I don't have to go through surgery again if I can help it. I realized I needed to make it in the fall. So that's when I started it. If I had waited for the New Year, it would have also signaled to me unconsciously that I did not really want to make that change or feel that I needed to.

When we wait to do things, it sends us that message. If you really want to start something at the new year, it can help to examine why you haven't been doing it already. Armed with that knowledge, you can make a change that is more likely to carry you past the "resolution season."

For instance, if you want to lose weight it will probably work better if you commit to a change that you're able to do without feeling miserable rather than pushing yourself because of the date. Maybe you would do better deciding to make the change that you will eat 20% less fattening or unhealthy food instead of setting a goal of 20 lbs by swinsuit season. I'm pretty sure if you carry that on with 20% less fattening or unhealthy food, you will lose weight and be more healthy. Falling down on a resolution because the timing was forced or you felt forced to make a resolution you weren't ready for probably won't work well. A 20% change is far easier to manage, and more likely to succeed.

If a change is important physically, spiritually, or emotionally, you can probably do it in small steps or wait until February 12th to start it. That's more likely to work. Don't let the fact that the calendar rolled from December to January set you up for failure. Make changes as they work for you.

New Style of Handmade Jewelry

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