Love Stones

Discover what crystals and stones are associated with love of all kinds: romantic, passionate, universal, and more.

Rose Quartz is a love stone.

There are a many crystals and stones historically and metaphysically associated with love. Different stones are associated in mystical lore with different aspects of love, whether it be love in general, self-love, unconditional love, or romantic, passionate love.


Stone - Type(s) of Love

Amber - Marital, Romantic, General

Emerald - Romantic Passionate

Garnet - Romantic

Jade - All

Kunzite - Unconditional

Lapis Lazuli - Spiritual, Marital (Fidelity)

Moonstone - General

Opal - General

Pearl - General

Pink Manganocalcite - Universal, Self-Love

Pink Coral -  General

Pink or Red Tourmaline (Rubellite) - General

Red Coral - Romantic

Rhodochrosite - General

Rhodonite - General

Rose Quartz - Unconditional, All Kinds,

Ruby - Romantic Passionate

Sardonyx - Romantic

Selenite - General

Sodalite - Self-Love

Topaz - True Love, Spiritual Love

Tree Agate - General


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Ruby is a love stone also, and there are many others.

Ruby is a love stone also, and there are many others.

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Amber is a love stone, too.

Amber is a love stone, too.

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