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Learn crystal meanings and metaphysical properties of stones that begin with the letter S including Sapphire, Sugilite, and others.

Crystal meanings and metaphysical healing lore and related information about stones which start with the letter S in brief are shown here. Crystal formations which start with S are also included. You can search for a particular type of crystal that begins with the letter S using your browser's search function. For most crystals  and formations you can click the name to see photos and additional information on that crystal.

Sacral Chakra (Svadhistana, Spleen Chakra) -  creativity, personal expression, abundance, color is primarily orange, more

Saginite - Protection, Self-Confidence, more

Sapphire - Creative Expression, Intuition, more

Scapolite - Problem Solving, EMF Emissions, Break Old Patterns, more

Scepter (Sceptor) Crystals - Atlantis, Courage to take Action, more

Schorl (Black Tourmaline) - Transmute Negative Energy, Protection, Dispel Fear

Scolecite - Manifestation, Improve Relationships, Inner Peace, more

Selenite - Mental Clarity, Decision making, Angels, more

Self-Healing Crystals - Healing self, more

Septarian - Nurturing, Uplifting, Group Communication, more

Seraphinite (Serafina, chlinochlore) - Higher Energies, Angelic Communication, Psychic, Kidneys, Liver, more

Serpentine - Attract Love and Money, more

Shark Tooth - Primal Power, Protection

Shattuckite - Reconcilation, Chanelling, more

Shovel Crystal - find right solutions to problems, more

Shungite (Shungit) - Healing, EMF Radiation Protection, more

Silicon - Accentuate Positive, Enhance Memory, Vitality, more

Silkstone - See Binghamite

Silver - Intuition, Psychic Energies, Feminine/Yin Energies, Moon Energies more pllus Argenitum Silver and Sterling Silver

Singing Crystals - Breaking Up & Smoothing Energy, Charging Stones, more

Skeletal (Elestial) Crystals - Uncover Secrets, Calming, more

Smithsonite - Chakra Activation, Replacement Stone for Crystal Healing, more

Sodalite - Intelligence, Efficiency, Communication, End Arguments, more

Solar Plexus Chakra - Manipura - personal power, self-confidence, joy, color is primarily yellow, more

Spinel - Prosperity, Channeling, Stress Relief, more

Spiral Crystals - Remove Energy Blockages, more

Spodumene - Clear Negativity, Crown Chakra, more

Stichtite - Tranquility, Keeping Promises, Loving Companionship, more

Stichtite-Serpentine - See Atlantisite

Stilbite - Manifestation, Guardian Angels, Intuition, more

Sugar Crystals - Beauty in Any Place, Harmony, Joy, more

Sugilite - "The Healer's Stone", Spirituality, Healing, Psychic, more

Sulphur aka Sulfur - Vitality, Detoxification, Remove Negative Thoughts, more

Sunstone - Decrease Stress, Good Fortune, Abundance, more

Super Seven / Melody's Stone - Psychic Abilities, Telepathy, Crystal Healing, more

Swarovski Crystals - Positive Energy, Hope, Joy, Diffuse Negative Energy, Good Luck

Sugilite Example

Sugilite Example


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Sulphur (Sulfer) Example

Sulphur (Sulfer) Example

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