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Learn about the metaphysical healing properties lore and crystal meanings of stones that begin with P such as Prehnite, Pietersite, Papagoite, Pearls and Peridot.

Crystal meanings and metaphysical healing lore and related information about stones which start with the letter P in brief are shown here. Crystal formations which start with P are also included. You can search for a particular type of crystal that begins with the letter P using your browser's search function. For most crystals  and formations you can click the name to see photos and additional information on that crystal.

Papagoite - Optimism, Euphoric Oneness, more

Parent Crystals (Parent / Child Crystals) - Building Relationships, more 

Peach Aventurine - See Crystals A page for all Aventurine

Peacock Ore (Peacock Stone) - See C Crystals page for Chalcopyrite.

Pearls - Calming, Purity, Charity, Truth, more

Pectolite - Wisdom, Truthfulness, more

Peridot - Heart Chakra, Balance, Compassion, more

Petalite - Spiritual Healing, Spirit Guides, Remove Black Magic Spells, more

Petoskey Stone - Third Eye, Emotional Awareness, Clear Negativity, more

Petrified Wood - Practicality, Business Success, more

Phantom Crystals - Awareness, Meditation, Mysticism, More

Phenacite (Phenakite) - Extremely High Energy, Third Eye, Clear Energy Centers, more

Pipestone (Catlinite) - See C Crystals page.

Phlogopite (Phlogopit) - Remove Spiritual Blocks, Mental Anguish, more

Phosphosiderite - Healing, Past Life, more

Pietersite (Tempeststone) - Beauty in Life, Angels, Relaxation, more

Picasso Marble (Picasso Stone) - Calming, Weight Loss, Self-Discipline, more

Pink Color Energies  - Nurturing, Kindness, Love, Life Path, Overeating, Childbirth, Heart Chakra, more

Pink Mangano Calcite - See the C Crystals page for all calcite.

Plancheite - Raise Vibrations, Protection, Psychic, more

Prasiolite - Self-Reliance, Prosperity, Prophesy, more

Prehnite - Strengthen Life Force, Increase Energy, Spirit Communication, more

Psilomelane (Crown of Silver) - Gazing/Scrying, Meditation, more

Purple (& Violet) Color Energies  - Inner Sight, Psychic, Mystery, Spiritual, Relieve Stress, Addictions, Third Eye Chakra, more

Purpurite (purperite) - Break from Self-destructive Habits, Spirituality, more

Pyrite - Healer's Gold, Protection, more

Pietersite Example

Pietersite Example


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Peridot Example

Peridot Example

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