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Alternate Names & Spellings for Diamond: King of Crystals, King of Gems, Stone of Invulnerability, Stone of Invincibility, Stone of Innocence, Diamaunde, Stone of Truth, Diamant

Crystal Meanings, Metaphysical & Healing Lore of Diamond

Keywords: Strength, Clarity, Truth

Diamond is made of carbon and is the hardest natural mineral.  It is a stone that grows in the mantle of the Earth and is pushed up rapidly toward the surface. If it is not pushed up rapidly enough, the carbon dissipates.

Diamond is a stone that is used to bring energies of  longevity, balance, clarity, intensity, success, and abundance.  It also brings eternity, purity, and high frequency energy. It also is a stone of amplification, including thoughts, strengths, and weaknesses.

t gives one who wears or carries it courage and hope. And indeed, it is a symbol of invincibility, due to it being the hardest stone. enhance strength in emotional, spiritual, and physical realms

Diamond is said to be a cosmic dragon's remains that tap into Divine Energy. 

Spiritual and Psychic Properties

Diamonds are said by some to be the best for metaphysical use. They are high vibration stones that radiate Light energy and bring Light consciousness. They increase energy in all endeavors and link to Divine energy. It is one stone that can connect to spiritual realms.

With the connection to spiritual realms, they are even said to help move one along through soul evolution. They can help align with Higher Mind and connect to one's personal path.

Diamond is a stone of spiritual, physical, and psychic sight. It is used to see the unknown, reach visionary states in meditation, and see the best course of action. Clairvoyance, remote viewing, seeing how to manifest desires are other ways. They are also good for telepathic communication.

This wonderful crystal can also increase the powers of other stones. This ranges through every type of stone from the grounding schorl to the intuition boost of amethyst and beyond.

Diamond is a crystal of protection. It is used for all general protection and some specific types. It brings energy of protection from evil spirits, fire, snakes, and danger. It can also clear negative energy from an area, person, or other item.

Black diamonds in particular relate to The Void which everything comes from, making it an excellent stone for abundance and prosperity magic. It also is said to be helpful to accept and integrate the shadow side.

Mental and Emotional Properties

Diamond is a powerful love stone. It bonds relationships and enhances love. It generates longevity and honesty of relationships,  and engenders trust between two partners. It increases harmony, not only in romantic relationships, but in all areas.

This stone enhances mental clarity and increases concentration. It is used to decrease pride, and increase imagination. Diamond energy is used to amplify thoughts and bring purity of thought. It also increases memory for details.

It improves and introduces honor and commitment to individual efforts, relationships, and to one's life path. It reduces confusion and hesitation regarding the path in life. this commitment in turn increases spirituality as one goes along one's path. Diamond increases one's ability to learn from life lessons.

Diamond helps overcome fear, which engenders trust in life, spirituality, and circumstances. It brings courage and hope. It helps to over come the "dark night of the soul".

Natural Black Diamond Crystal

Natural Black Diamond Crystal


Physical Conditions Properties

Historically, crushed diamond has been used as a cure for many ailments. In crystal healing lore and traditional folk medicine, diamond is used for removing or clearing poisons and toxins, balance metabolism, clean out blood vessels, and for congestion, liver, lymphatic tissues, sight, stress exhaustion, thyroid, eyes, optic nerve, rheumatic disease, strokes, blood clots, depression, diabetes, stimulating beneficial cell growth.

Please note that healing crystal meanings are presented as spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

Related Chakras & Other Correspondences

 Diamond is primarily associated with the crown chakra, as well as having a weaker association with the third eye and throat chakras..  Diamonds come in many colors and are each is also related to other chakras according to color.

Diamond is also related to the Archangel Metatron and Archangel Raziel, and the zodiac signs Aries, Cancer, Leo, and Taurus. According to Robert Simmons it is related to the element Storm. It is also said to be one of the stones in the breastplate of the High Priest.

How to Use Diamond

Diamond can be used to bring its energies to a person, environment or situation by wearing in jewelry; keeping in an environment or room needing its energies; keeping on your person or in your energy field area such as a pocket, under your pillow, or even on your desk.  They can be used in crystal grids, particularly ones relating to psychic vision or healing. They can also be used to build strength, clarify situations, and more. For the best energy, the crystal should be used as often as possible.

To get the most benefit from its energies you you should regularly clear its energies when it feels like it is muddy or dull. You should also charge it regularly when its energy feels faded or weak. If you are unsure about how it feels, clearing and charging it monthly is usually a good general guideline. 

Other Information

Diamond comes in many colors, with colorless being the most commonly prized. Different colors have varying energies related to their colors.

Rock Lore & Tidbits:

Diamond is not only found in mines, It is rarely found in certain meteriorites. The name diamond comes from the Greek "adamans" meaning invincible, first known mentions by Manius and Pliny.

Diamonds are used industrially for cutting and grinding, which their extreme hardness helps with. They are also used for windows on the Venera space craft to photograph Venus' surface.

The most famous use for diamonds is in engagement rings. They were used occasionally since the 15th century but were not always popular for this rings. They became popular in the early 20th century due to massive advertising campaigns by the De Beers Company.

Hardness (Mohs): 10

Color(s): clear, yellow, black, blue, brown, pink, green, orange, red, white, pink, champagne-tan, cognac brown, and very rarely lilac

Transparency: transparent, translucent, opaque

Lustre: Adamantine, Greasy

Common / Notable Locations: South Africa, India, Australia and others such as Russia, China, etc.

Diamonds can be treated with heat or irradiation to get a variety of fancy colors like orange, bright yellow, and others. Some common diamond simulants are glass, quartz, CZ, moissanite and other gem stones. There are also synthetic man-made diamonds in clear, yellow, brown, green, blue, red, pink.

Image Credits:  Natural Diamond Crystal and Natural Black Diamond Crystals: Rob Lavinsky, CC-by-SA license; The Hope Diamond by Unknown - Licensed under Public Domain via Commons

Natural Diamond Crystal

Natural Diamond Crystal


Some Famous Diamonds: Culinan (Star of Africa) Stones; Orlov Diamond, Hope Diamond, Koh-I-Noor, Star of the South, The Dresden Green, The De Beers  Diamond

The Hope Diamond

The Hope Diamond

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