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Custom Reiki Crystal Grid Layout


Custom Reiki Crystal Grid Layout


~ Custom Blessings ~

Great for setting up a mini crystal Reiki grid to keep in your home or office for blessings of spiritual healing, positive energy, or your other need. Comes with a set of five quartz crystals.

Made to Order - Each One Is Unique

These are a hand drawn grid layout imbued with Reiki energy for you to add crystals or use on its own.. It includes five to ten small unique quartz crystal to get you started. The pictures shown are representative examples.

Normally 7 to 10 business days to prepare for shipment
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These mini grids are created custom and made to order. I draw them by hand using various pens, pencils, and markers on a 3.5" to 4" round or square cardstock or paperboard. I create them in a meditative state then infuse them with Reiki energy.

I can make them for general positive energy, general Reiki healing energy, or you can indicate in the comments section of the shopping cart if you want it for a particular person or situation.

The reverse of the grid or enclosed sheet shows the meanings of any symbols used, and a Reiki-Seichim symbol to animate the energy of the grid into our plane of existence.

Each one one is a miniature, custom made, signed artwork. The photos shown are representative examples.

Five .7" to 1" size quartz crystals are normally included. Occasionally crystals will be closer to .5", in which case 10 of them will be provided. Crystals will vary randomly. I recommend quartz crystals as a starting point and you can find extensive information on different crystal meanings to choose additional stone types here. You can use the grid and the quartz crystals with other crystals you already have or ones you buy for your purpose. 

Please note that any healing related artwork and meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not intended as prescription or medical advice. See a doctor if you believe you are ill.

These grid layouts creation time is 7 to 10 business days before shipping. (Weekends, holidays, office closure days are not business days.) I will get yours out to you as quickly as possible while maintaining the energetic integrity of the grid layout.

Due to the custom, made to order nature of these grid layouts, they are non-refundable.

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