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Health & Healing Reiki Crystal Grid I


Health & Healing Reiki Crystal Grid I

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Hand Drawn Health and Healing Crystal Grid I with Quartz Crystals

infused with Reiki energy. Also included is a cardstock heart for writing the name of the person or situation in need of health or healing, and an information sheet with instructions.

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I create each Health and Healing  Crystals Grid I in an attitude of meditation and prayer with symbols and colors of healing and wholeness, then charge and infuse them with Reiki energy. Each grid is hand drawn and signed on the reverse, so no one will have an exact duplicate.  A Reiki-Seichim symbol is drawn on the reverse to animate and empower the energy of the grid in this plane of existence. The grid comes with a white cardstock  heart to write the name of the person the grid is for whether it is yourself or someone else, sheet with information about it, and instructions in its use. 

Pouches are available here for stones when not in use. The grid itself will not fit in a pouch and should be stored flat.


Symbols for: Power and healing plus mental /  emotional healing for healing since all illness has multiple facets, plus Reiki-Seichim symbol for relization of potential and orbs for wholeness.

Color Energy:  Blue for healing and health

Included Crystals: 5 A/B Quartz Crystals averaging .7" to 1"
Included: White Cardstock Heart
Other suggested crystals: Any of the healing stones listed on my Crystals Uses and Ailments page.

Materials: Grid in cardstock; white cardstock heart; Quartz Crystals; optionally you may purchase the grid without the stones. Stones and crystals will vary in shade and configuration.

Approximate Size At the Longest Point: Grid - 4" square ; Heart -  2.5"; Quartz Crystals - .7" to 1"

This Health and Healing Grid may be used alone with the included stones, or can be used as a starting point and add other crystals you already have or ones you acquire for your protection grid. You can find extensive information on different crystal meanings to choose additional stone types here. You can use the grid and the included crystals with other crystals you already have or ones you buy for your purpose. 

Please note that any healing related artwork and meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not intended as prescription or medical advice. See a doctor if you believe you are ill. No guarantee of any particular efficacy of this grid is intended or implied.

If you would like your crystal to be attuned to a particular additional or alternate blessing or intention, let me know in the comments section when you check out, and I will be happy to do it for you.

By purchasing items, you agree to all current Robyn A Harton Creative Terms and Privacy including the minimum order total of $9.95  (after discounts, before any shipping charges.)

Photo Information: Photos are close-ups which are larger than life to show detail. Photographic props (including additional stones or clusters) are not included as part of the item. Unless an item is noted as a one of a kind item, photos a representative examples. Photos are taken under bright photographic lighting and may use flash. I attempt to present accurate colors in all my photos, but monitor settings vary and may present colors differently.

***WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD*** Items may contain or break into small parts that are not suitable for children and are intended for competent adults 18+ only. 

If you prefer to make your own grids, supplies are available here.

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All crystals and stones come with a write up on their crystal meanings.

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