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Learning Power Necklace

Learning Energy Necklace
Learning, Study
Learning Energy Necklace
Learning, Study

Learning Power Necklace


~  Increase Ability To Learn From School, Work or Life Lessons ~

Handmade Reiki Seichim Charged Jewelry with Quartz, Carnelian, Aventurine, Yellow Calcite, Amazonite, Red Jasper, Sodalite by Robyn

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"Learning Power" is a pendant necklace of comfort beads (aka worry beads) that I designed for use in meditations, prayer, or energy work for increased energy for ability to learn from any  situation: school, work, life lessons. You can run your fingers over them any time you want to focus on a wide variety of energies on the issues, to concentrate on increasing your strength to deal with them. The beads on this pendant do not move; they are meant to run your fingers over, as with traditional malas, rosaries and many other types of beads. Although I call them comfort beads here, they are also called worry beads, fidget beads, or when used for spiritual ends, meditation beads or prayer beads. They are easy to carry around since you can wear them!

The beads I chose for this set are chosen for both their metaphysical properties lore related to spiritual development energies and their beauty. The stones are Quartz, Quartz, Carnelian, Aventurine, Yellow Calcite, Amazonite, Red Jasper, Sodalite with Sterling Silver Plated beads and findings.  Shades and precise size of beads will vary. Comes with a 24" sterling silver plated ball chain which you can trim to preferred length using ordinary scissors or nail clippers.

In alignment with the properties of the stone and blessings, this necklace is crafted with the prayer and intent that the wearer be blessed with spiritual development.

Crystal Meanings, Metaphysical, & Spiritual Healing Properties Lore:

Quartz - Power, Protection, Harmony, Balance and Energy, more

Carnelian - Creativity, Individuality, Courage, more

Aventurine - Success, Prosperity, Mental Clarity, more

Yellow Calcite - Boosts Energy Level, Intellect, more

Amazonite - Psychic, Integrity, Honor, more

Red Jasper - Justice, Protection, Fairness, more

Sodalite - Intelligence, Efficiency, Communication, End Arguments, more

Multicolor and Multiple Chakra Energies - Hope, Brings Multiple Positive Color and Chakra Synergistic Energies

If you would like this jewelry to be attuned to a particular additional or alternate blessing or intention, let me know in the comments section when you check out, and I will be happy to do it for you.

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