Castle Crystal

Learn about the crystal meanings and metaphysical and healing properties lore of Castle or Cathedral crystals such as astral travel and more.

Castle or Cathedral Crystal Example

Alternate Names or Spellings: Cathedral Crystal, Castellated

Configuration: Castle or cathedral like shape at one or both ends.

Crystal Meanings Properties Lore:  Castle Crystals are also referred to as Cathedral Crystals or being Castellated. Like building castles in the air with a solid foundation, Castle Crystals are masters of energies of balancing, uplifting, and relieving depression and anxiety. Please note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.  Psychically they are used for accessing mystical knowledge your are spiritually prepared to receive by traveling to different "rooms" within the castle in meditation. They are also used for astral travel and gaining Akashic wiscom.


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Castle Tip Crystal Example

Castle Tip Crystal Example

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