About the Chakras

Chakras are wheels of energy, wheels of life where the universal energy of the divine flows in and through us bringing health, vibrance, and power.


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Chakras - Wheels of Energy - Wheels of Life

Chakra means wheel in Sanskrit, and the chakras of humans are wheels of energy in the human aura, or energy field. Life force energy -- chi, ki, or prana --  flows in and out of us through the chakras. Each chakra has an area of life that its energy affects particularly. If a chakra is closed down or out of balance, the life energies in that area will be affected. Open, strong and balanced chakras make all areas of our life energies better and promote health and healing.

I also have a site all about chakras at AllTheChakras.com with more information for you.

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Chakras are generally counted from the bottom up, as the energy rises from the earth plane to the spiritual planes.  Learn about the main chakras in the individual articles at AllTheChakras.com listed below.

Crown / 7th

  Third Eye / Brow / 6th

 Throat / 5th 

 Heart / 4th 

 Solar Plexus / 3rd

Sacral / Spleen / 2nd 

Root / Base / 1st  

Multiple Chakra Synergy

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